Red Rock Crossing/Crescent Moon Ranch has been lovingly cared for by The Forest Service for many years. It is the home of the Cathedral Rock vortex. We call it the “Heart of Sedona”. What a blessing to be a five-minute walk from our property. We watch cars line up to be let in and we just walk in and pay a small fee.

Visitors come here from all over the world to take the photos of a lifetime. Oak Creek softly rustles through the wooded grounds and gives visitors an opportunity to jump in and cool off in the summer heat. Fishermen enjoy casting a line in the early morning. It is stocked by the Fish Hatchery on a regular basis.

Red Rock Crossing  – A 5-minute walk from our property

Photographers heaven, day or night. Amazing vortex energy throughout this park.  Oak Creek is always changing shape and energy depending on the amount of rainfall or snowfall. A yogi once said he became enlightened by silently sitting by a flowing creek and becoming one with the water.  It also beacons the swimmers and fishermen.

Families and friends love sharing a picnic lunch or dinner on the large tables under the shade of the Arizona Sycamore and Cottonwood trees.

When my grandchildren were young we would fly kites with our grandson and watch our granddaughter roller skate on the wide meandering sidewalks.

Professional and armature photographers spend hours here waiting to capture the perfect fluffy clouds over Cathedral Rock reflecting in a rain puddle. Since Sedona only gets 18” to 20” of rain all year you have to be one lucky person to catch it just right with the sun breaking through the clouds at sunset. This shot couldn’t be more perfect. It only took me two years to finally get there at the right moment.

Also, Red Rock State Park is only two miles away and offers a plethora of information, artifacts, wildlife, and trails.

There are over 200 trails from easy to difficult, many within walking distance.

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