Formal dining at the Sedona Cathedral HideawayDiet friendly Gourmet Cuisine is prepared at your request at our Sedona Bed and Breakfast, and served at the location of your choice.

Our meals are designed with your specific taste in mind. Every day you will look through our full color menu of all the gourmet food we can create for you. You will each decide what you want for the following morning. When possible, we use delicious home grown organic vegetables from our own gardens. If you order something we do not have on site, Larry or Kathy runs to the store so we can prepare everything as fresh as possible.

Breakfast is served between 8 AM AND 9:30 AM per your request, in the location you would like to be served. Our Sedona bed and breakfast is situated among the red rocks, surrounded by trees on one acre of property so our guests often like to eat outside with the hummingbirds, Gambel’s Quail, and other wildlife. Your choices are many: your bedroom, on one of the decks with the view of Cathedral Rock. You will also enjoy dining in our Sun Room (The Serenity Room) surrounded by trees and colorful birds.

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Hearty breakfastAt our Sedona Bed and Breakfast, flexible Menu selections are focused on your taste preferences, not ours. We can cheerfully accommodate Standard “bill of fare”, Heart Healthy or Special needs.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw or Gluten Free is absolutely no problem for us. We have had people stay with us for a week on a Gluten Free or Vegetarian diet and they loved the creative breakfasts we served them. They went home feeling well and happy.  Kathy has been pork and red meat free for 30 years and gluten and dairy free for about four years. She would be glad to share her recipes.

Imagine waking up to the smell of fresh baked rolls or pastry. All meals come with hot or cold drink, served in the house or out on any of the decks with breathtaking views.

Steak and Eggs, Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine with Hollandaise Sauce.

Eggs are spiced to your liking. We even add hot sauce, if you wish. Some like it hot, some don’t.

Kathy’s special: A pastry shell layered with avocado or artichoke, crab, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and a slice of tomato and lettuce on the side. We can include, if you wish, potatoes prepared any style or fruit.

Omelets with your choice of ingredients:
They can be made any size with egg substitute, whole eggs or egg whites.

We will add the ingredients of your choice, i.e.: ham, sausage (Pork or Turkey), bacon (turkey or pork bacon), chicken, crab, spinach, avocados, broccoli, onions, peppers, various cheeses or hollandaise sauce.

Pancakes & more:
Thick or thin pancakes or fluffy Belgian waffles or paper thin crepes, served with tasty accents such as: nuts, berries, chocolate chips, raisins, bananas, rum, vanilla or cinnamon flavors.

Toppings: sautéed apples or bananas with cinnamon, fresh strawberries, blueberries, fresh bananas, nectarines, mangos, peaches, butter, butter substitute and or whipped cream (dairy or non dairy). Some fruit is seasonal.

Various fruit flavored syrups, Pure Maple Syrup, or good old-fashioned brown sugar syrup.

Assorted beverages such as:
Coffee, tea (hot or iced), juices, latte, hot chocolate with whipped cream, purified water, lemonade, fruit smoothies and more…

Kathy's Power SmoothieKathy’s Power Spring Smoothie
Sedona Cathedral Hideaway

(Use a blender with a blade for frozen food)
1. Add 1½ cups cold, purified water, almond or coconut milk to a blender
2. Pour in ¾ capful Liquid Vitamins-Minerals
3. Open up one Ester C Capsule. Pour into blender
4. Add one heaping Tbs. Flaxseed Meal
5. Add turmeric and ginger root shaved off the organic root. Freeze root to keep fresh.
6. Add a nectarine, peach, 1 cup of strawberries or ¼ of a mango
7. Add approximately 1 1/2 cups frozen fruit of your choice (passion fruit has higher sugar, carbs and calories)  If you like it really cold, add some ice.
8. Add a heaping handful of spinach, kale or romaine
9. Liquefy on high for about 1 or 2 minutes (quality of your blender determines the time) until all pieces are liquefied
10. Add ¾ capful Garden of Life Greens and Protein combination. Blend on low or medium quickly.

Evening snacks available to you :
Chocolate fondue with various dipping choices,  fruit, cookies, cake, homemade ice cream, or yogurt with toppings.

If this doesn’t wet your appetite, just tell us what you like. We will do our best for you.