POPULAR HIKES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Remember those writing on Social Media may have a goal of getting your attention rather than speaking from a place of awareness of the over 200 trails offered to you. They may have done four or five trails and want you to think they experienced only the best ones. Like the Seven Sacred Pools that are only full of water, if it has rained recently but that is a nice hike and is considered moderate. Sedona usually gets eighteen to twenty inches of rain per year. We can go several months without a drop. Going from Soldiers Pass road is not a good idea because of the jeep traffic and the number of people that only know that way to get there. The parking lot is small. I will help you with all the trails. We now have a Shuttle to get you there as a good option. But this will be at the trailhead that is the busiest with jeeps and ATVs. We have lived in Sedona since 2006 & have been visiting since 1984. Let us help you.

Download ALL Trails to keep you on the right trail. Devils Bridge is only a good idea if you can hike for five miles and are willing to get there at daybreak. The Sedona Shuttle is an option from our corner so you don’t have to get there early enough to get a parking spot or walk a mile to the trailhead, but you will probably be walking there with many, many other hikers if you get there after daybreak. Visitors have started this crazy thing of taking turns walking out on the natural bridge for a picture. There is sometimes a line of fifty people to do this. The Sedona Shuttle also can take you to the Mescal trail which is a moderate trail with beautiful views, a large parking lot with branches off to caves.

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Some of our favorite moderate and easy TRAILS are within five to ten minutes from our home. Amazing is what most people say. Crescent Moon, also called Red Rock Crossing Park, The Red Rock State Park, Pyramid Peak and Scorpion, Old Post, Schuerman and Secret Slick Rock. Lovers Knoll is right up our road which is a favorite spot for pictures and weddings. There are also trails up Oak Creek Canyon for the warmer days.

VORTEXES AND LEY LINES: There are very few places in the world that talk about their vortexes. You can get some books online before you get here so you can prepare through meditation. One of our favorites is Pete Sanders book called “Scientific Vortex Information”. He is an MIT engineer. He explains scientifically why you can experience the energy of nature here in a deeper, special way. There are many ways to meditate. He recommends his ways.

Most Sedona books talk about Cathedral Rock, which has one at the base on our side of Oak Creek and one on top which is across the creek. This is the iconic natural rock formation that is our view.  Airport Mesa, halfway up Airport Road. There are 12 parking spots at the trailhead. Boynton Canyon and the Boynton Vista Trail and Bell Rock. However, there are many others that we know about because we live here. Two of our favorites are the Baldwin Trail. This is just a short walk to Red Rock Crossing. Walk across Oak Creek and you are a short walk away from the trailhead. Also, The Stupa was built to encourage love and world peace. There are great views from all of these and are easily accessed by road or hiking.

You can research energy ley lines. They crisscross around the globe. Where they cross you will find, holy or power spots where ancient cultures have built monuments, churches, pyramids etc. There is one that goes from Cathedral Rock to Mount Shasta in CA.  People go to both places to experience the special beauty, healing energy and sometimes UFOs. SEE Ley line map: www.vortexhunters.com/mount-shasta-sedona-ley-line.html

CATHEDRAL ROCK: is said to be “The Heart of Sedona.” It is right in front of us. You can walk to Red Rock Crossing where Cathedral Rock reflects in Oak Creek in about ten minutes from our back door. It is very beautiful with the branches reflecting in the water and little waterfalls here and there. We have beach towels in the Casita and Bed and Breakfast and also water shoes if you want to walk over and take a dip or if you want to cross over it just past the vortex and climb Cathedral Rock. This is a hard hike because it is very steep. You don’t have to go all the way up the crevice. You can stop at the plateau which is about 1/3 of the way up and has amazing views.  For those that do not have the convenience of walking there or if it is winter time and the water in Oak Creek will be too cold to cross, there is a Sedona Shuttle to drop you off.  There are very few parking spots. To drive to Back O Beyond Road and get a spot you would need to go very, very early.

VORTEX TOUR: I can set up a vortex tour if you wish to help you understand and get a sense of them. However, if you buy Pete Sanders yellow book “The Scientific Version on What is a Vortex”, you will get a good idea of what they are all about. There are more vortexes than noted in the books. All are easily accessed on foot or car. Again, Cathedral Rock, “The Heart of Sedona”, is right here.

MEDITATION, ENERGY AND FREQUENCY: If you are here to learn how to really meditate deeply or how to experience the energy here or anywhere, I will introduce you to Brian Murphy.

AWESOME MASSAGES: I call about massages you may want in your room or at the spa. You will be paying them by credit card or cash that day. $165 each for a full 60-minute massage or $195 each for a full 90-minute massage. Massages include hot rocks if you would like to have that experience. They offer energy-balancing massages, also. Prices may change.

BIRDING: A birding group found at least 30 different kinds of birds around our property in the summer when we have the most. In July and August, we have the most hummingbirds at our feeders. We have five or six different kinds and they are all colorful and special. I call them my babies. In the winter, we still have three or four that stay here and do not migrate out with the rest in September. We have cardinals and ravens year around.

SLIDE ROCK PARK: you will have to get there early to get in. It is fun and a nice park. You wear old jean shorts to jump in. This is a warm weather activity.

OAK CREEK CANYON starts right after Uptown Sedona. Rand McNally Maps have said it is the 4th most beautiful drive in the U.S. You will be taking it to Slide Rock Park, West Fork Trail, Flagstaff and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

PRIVATE TOURS: Mike or Max, our private tour guides, from Southwest Outside, use an SUV to take you to special out of the way and beautiful locations.  LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY IF YOU WANT 3 OR 4 HOURS OR THE FULL DAY. If you do a full day you will need to be able to do some pretty good hikes.  Once you tell me how long, I will call Mike and then he will call you to talk about what you want. Their tours are less expensive when you schedule through me.

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HOT AIR BALLOONS: I suggest you look closely at both companies for hot air balloons. They are Northern Lights and Red Rock Balloons. One uses a bigger basket so there are more people in the basket. They will ask you your weight and height and charge you at the time of reservation. You go very early in the morning and meet them about ten minutes from our Bed and Breakfast and Casita. You will be back for breakfast between 8:00 and 9:30 AM depending on what time is sunrise because that is when you will be lifting off.

JEROME: This is an old mining town where they mined copper. Now the brothels are cute little stores filled with original art from the local artists. There are also many great restaurants and bars with wine tasting. Wonderful views of the red rocks of Sedona can be seen from the very high hills and the back of some stores on the South side of Main St. Nelly Bly’s say they are the largest kaleidoscope shop in the U.S. They are all handmade by artists. This is about a 40-minute ride from here.

OLD TOWN COTTONWOOD: Has about three blocks of restaurants, shops and wine tasting rooms. This is about 35 minutes from here and can be on the way to Jerome or Tuzigoot National Monument.

WINE TASTING IS EVERYWHERE: This area is now known for award-winning wines. There are wine growers and tasting rooms about 20 minutes from us on Page Springs Road. Some people go on a wine tour so they don’t have to worry about driving. Others have an Uber drop them off at just one winery. Some can really handle their wine so they drive themselves. Up The Creek is a great restaurant to make reservations at to balance things out before you drive back to us. They are right on Page Springs Road near the wineries.  However, the wineries have food there and beautiful grounds. There is also wine-tasting restaurants and rooms in Sedona, Cottonwood and Jerome.

TUZIGOOT NATIONAL MONUMENT: In Clarkdale on the way to Jerome. In the heart of the valley, a thousand years ago, people began to build a little hilltop pueblo that would grow into one of the largest villages in the area. We call the inhabitants Sinagua people which means without water.

GRAND CANYON: Driving the 2 1/2 hours to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is very pretty most of the way. That drive includes going up Oak Creek Canyon and through Flagstaff.   There are Canyon Tours that start 20 minutes away if you want to go with a group. That is the least expensive way. Mike or Max from Southwest Outside, also do the Canyon Tour with just you. Of course, that is much more expensive. Many just drive it themselves. When they get there, they either walk the rim, drive from point to point or take the shuttle from point to point. Staying there three or four hours is plenty of time. The elevation is around 7,000 feet.  Sedona is between 4,000 and 4,500 feet elevation. Higher elevation is cooler. Roads that take you there may be closed in the winter due to snow and ice.

VERDE CANYON RAILROAD: Can be relaxing if done at the end of a long trip. For me it would be at the bottom of the list if you are staying less than five or six nights. But if you like the Clarkdale train idea, it is a 3 1/2 to 4-hour ride. The best time of year to do that is when the leaves are changing in Sycamore Canyon and that will probably be about around November sometime. Keep in mind that the famous red rocks are only here in Sedona. You have to decide what experiences you really want to have and are most important to you.

HELICOPTER: A fast way to see the caves and spires up close. I would schedule the longer one if you can afford it.

Book your private getaway at our luxury Sedona Vacation Rental or Sedona Bed and Breakfast today!

SECRET WILDERNESS: You can take Secret Wilderness Tours and tours of some ancient ruins or we can schedule you at Palatki Ruins a couple days before you want to drive there in about 35 minutes. You take paved roads part way and then a bumpy dirt road for the last ten minutes. Just take your time. If you want to do that, you might want to rent an SUV with good tires. Don’t get the sports car they will throw at you at the last minute because they are running out of medium size cars or SUVs. You don’t have to have an SUV but it will make that drive more comfortable.

ANTELOPE CANYON is 3 1/2 hours one way. There is a tour from here for the whole day. There are a lot of people on most tours when you get inside. There are more expensive photography tours of Canyon X and Cardiac Canyon, and you can pay a little extra for them to take eight of you before the regular tour starts and you can use your camera only for these special tours. They cannot guarantee there will not be another tour in the slot canyon at the same time. It has gotten really touristy. Such a shame. It is usually very crowded.

BEARIZONA in Williams is pretty awesome if you like to see wildlife in an outdoor setting while you drive through them. There is also a smaller area that has them behind a low wall and a mote. Not sure if they have started up the rapture show at 1 PM again, but if so it is really enjoyable. It is about 1 12 hours from here. At 6,766 ft. elevation. Higher elevation is cooler than Sedona which is between 4,000 and 4,500 ft. elevation.

UFOS: There are about twelve investigative TV shows using professional and knowledgeable people traveling to what they consider UFO hot spots. We are on the list because of the high number of sighting’s here at certain locations. These have been documented by videos.

There are so many people interested in what is going on in our skies that they have had UFO tours for a long time now.

There are many, many things I talk to you about after you get here and I go over the map with you. Everything is nearby so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting to places unless you go to The Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, the Painted Desert, Wapatki National Monument or Bearizona. Jerome is about 35 minutes away. No reservations are needed.

We supply backpacks, water shoes, beach towels for Oak Creek, water bottle holders, ice packs, ice, ice chests and coolers of different sizes.

It doesn’t matter if our guests stay two or eight days; they all say the same thing: I wish we were staying longer.

Feel free to call me from 10 AM to 8 PM Arizona for more information. I go over everything with you when you arrive. 1-928-203-4180

Kathy Jaeckel, Co-Owner

Sedona Cathedral Hideaway B&B and Casita