History shows why many spiritual journeys have begun and ended in Sedona

Many Native American/Indigenous Natives were guided to this amazing land to receive higher knowledge through inner messages, visions or connections with animal or nature spirits.

Once they received what was needed, they could go peacefully about their journey, knowing they were on the right path to honor their ancestors, family and themselves. They knew they were doing their part to help the tribe. Each tribal member knew what their destiny was this lifetime and felt at peace with that. Some also knew what mistakes they had made in past lifetimes so they could now go down the most powerful and loving path in the present day.

They would do dances, sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies and other rituals to make sure everyone felt the love and power of Great Spirit and each other. Those who did deep Vision Quests (now known as deep meditation) would perform the above activities on land with the highest vibration.  Some would have such a connection with nature. They would talk to the nature spirits and honor them in a special way when they were planting and harvesting.  Many tribes such as the Hopi and Navajo performed ceremonies on our property and on the 53 open acres right next to our property.

Some of us continue to search for answers in similar ways by going to locations considered holy and with a high frequency to make our journey more focused and easier to achieve the outcome desired.

Spiritual journeys in Sedona today

My husband, Larry, and I built our home/B&B in 2006 because we had the same kind of deep desire to follow the path that was being laid out so clearly before us. I had a vision of our vacant land many years before we found it. We already knew it would be a special place of healing and upliftment for us, our family and the people who would come here not only in search of a relaxing vacation but possibly in search of answers to important questions and visions of where to go next and what to do to improve and enlighten their lives.

Sedona has evolved also, from a simple farming and ranching community, developed by hardworking Homesteaders in the late 1800s and early 1900s to a very diversified resort town atmosphere in Uptown, and a quiet and powerful area like ours just two miles outside of the main drag through Sedona. It is easier to feel energy and evolve if you are under a starlit sky and right in front of the natural rock formation, Cathedral Rock.  This vortex is called “The Heart of Sedona”. It resides in Red Rock Crossing Park, that is a short walk from us.

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Some say Cathedral Rock is connected energetically to other high-energy spots in the world.  Sedona is now a place where many spiritual teachers reside and are waiting with open arms to share their knowledge and make your quest easier and more profound.  Our property is in a quiet area that will give you the space to open up and find out who you are, if that is what you are looking for.

Having someone knowledgeable nearby to give you little nudges, will help you along your way.  Here are some ideas of why you might like to learn to meditate or do Tai Chi, and/or yoga (life energy work) while you are in Sedona or, better yet, start before you get here:

  1. It teaches you discipline which will help you in every aspect of life.
  2. It brings you closer to your inner power and The Creator.
  3. It helps you focus on whatever the task is at hand.
  4. It will open up channels in your brain and help with circulation and health
  5. Your power naps will become more meaningful than just rest because you will begin the nap with an intention to rest deeply. You will awaken with clarity and sometimes answers to questions you had earlier.
  6. You will find deep joy and remember your creative and loving side.
  7. You will be able to send universal love through your body and become aware of the natural healing ability everyone has within them.
  8. This dedication to learning higher knowledge opens up our psychic centers. (pineal, pituitary, crown and third eye).
  9. Helps us be more in touch with our surroundings, nature, our higher self, and vortexes nearby.
Stay at our Sedona Vacation Rental at Sedona Cathedral Hideaway

Stay at our Sedona Vacation Rental at Sedona Cathedral Hideaway

Our labyrinth, Zen garden and Native American Medicine Wheel are tools we have here to help you relax and focus on your inner power.

Come see us at Sedona Cathedral Hideaway B&B and Casita so we can help guide you to the best areas for you and the best teachers to help you. 928-203-4180.

“May the road rise up to greet you and the wind be always at your back.”

Kathy Masters-Jaeckel, Co-Owner

Sedona Cathedral Hideaway B&B and Casita