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Green Sedona Bed and Breakfast: Sedona Cathedral Hideaway

Sedona B&B takes the final step in lessoning their carbon footprint. 100% Solar Energy Efficient.
Green is Good!

June 2010

The plans for an energy-efficient, green Bed and Breakfast started about seven years ago and started to actually materialize four years ago in 2006 when Sedona Cathedral Hideaway was completed.  Now the final brush stroke on this magnificent canvas has taken place – SOLAR.  Once they are connected to APS, it is estimated that they might actually have an excess amount of energy to sell back to the electric company.  How exciting is that!  To do that, the owners, Larry and Kathy Jaeckel, chose to have additional panels installed on the ground because their flat Southwest style roof could not handle the required number of 235 watt panels to run at 100% efficiency.  Using solar shows that someone cares about the planet as a whole.

Before the panels were installed, two specialty paints were applied to the flat roof to help reflect the summer heat and also seal the inner edges for at least ten years.  This was done after the solar panel mounts were installed to make the seal for each mount more efficient.

The energy efficient 4,600 square foot home plan was started on the Jaeckel’s computer with some inexpensive Design Software.  Heating and cooling bills in the mountains of Sedona, Arizona can be quite challenging at certain times of the year if the house has not been designed with thoughtful planning.  Here are the reasons why the Jaeckel’s energy bills have been very reasonable.

Solar Sedona Bed and Breakfast
B&B takes the final step in lessoning carbon footprint. 100% Solar Energy & Green
This 4 yr. old, energy-efficient, Green, Sedona Bed and Breakfast has created the final
brush stroke on this magnificent canvas that was designed to mimic the curving formations
of Cathedral Rock that is right behind it.  The final piece of the 25-year dream, Solar!
This 4,600 sq. ft. home was designed with not only Feng Shui in mind but also
built with the best insulation, E-Glass, retractable sun shades and blinds,
and efficient lighting & appliances.

The home was built on a hill of rock surrounded by trees that are hundreds of years old. They are mostly Junipers and Pines.  They help to shade the house to some degree and as they grow larger they will assist even more.  2x6 construction allows thicker insulation with a higher R-value.  When using stucco, there is a thick layer of rigid foam insulation applied to the entire outside of the house, then the wire is attached and the stucco is applied to the wire to create an airtight seal.  Quality E-glass windows with aluminum frames insures there is no warping in the hot summer sun so the windows will always remain tightly sealed.  Windows are covered with retractable shades that block the sun in the summer and can be remotely retracted in the winter to allow the sun in to warm the rooms during the day and block the cold at night when dropped down to the windowsill.

Modern, stainless steel, energy rated appliances greatly lower electrical output along with timers to be sure all lights, small appliances and hot water re-circulating pump are shut off or unplugged when not in use.  Also, florescent lights have been installed wherever possible because they use less energy and last longer. Motion sensors are used not only to alert owners when an intruder has arrived but also as a night-light that only turns on when someone walks into the room.  Low voltage exterior lights line the beautiful brick paver driveway.  Even the outdoor table umbrellas are solar, collecting energy by day and illuminating the table by night.

Red rocks from the property were used for all landscaped paths and raised gardens.  Natural vegetation including wild grasses and cactus were left in their natural habitat to cut down on watering needs.  Ground cover has been planted to keep the soil moist and avoid erosion in the hillside areas.  Drips have been used to water other types of plants and small trees to conserve water.  A very deep well was created to supply the Bed and Breakfast with plenty of water while leaving the less deep aquifers for the very deep-rooted trees that need that water to exist.  There is a septic deep in the ground; so as mother nature does her job, the excess water that has been naturally treated will eventually seep back into the earth.

Discenfectants used are natural and Diatomaceous Earth is used to kill bugs since strong pesticides can damage the eco system and harm wildlife.  “Wildlife is plentiful here.  They are like our pets.  We do everything we can to help them survive.  We can’t imagine doing something that would harm them in any way.” Kathy Jaeckel,

Kathy Jaeckel, co-owner
Sedona Cathedral Hideaway
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Toll Free: 1-866-973-3662 (1-866-9Sedona)